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I am a Focusing Trainer and a Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist.

Focusing came out of a major research project into counselling which was conducted by a team led by Carl Rogers, and including Eugene Gendlin. They looked at what might influence the successful outcome of counselling or psychotherapy with clients. Eugene Gendlin developed the idea of Focusing out of the discoveries the team made on that research project.

Focusing uses natural abilities to sense what is going on for us using a way of knowing which is based around our the experiences of our body in the situations we find ourselves. As a counsellor this is used in a general way in many of my counselling situations, however there are times when I will use this way of working more conceretly. It may even be that after talking about it you feel you'd like to learn how to focus in a more general way so that you can use it within the counselling setting, but also within your generaly life.

If you'd like to know more about this, have a look at the Focusing Institute, or please contact me.


Focusing helps us get in touch with the situations of our lives in a different way, to access a different way of being in our situations and our lives. 

By pausing and allowing our inner wisdom to come out we may find a way of moving forward in our lives from where we feel stuck or unclear.  

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