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Personal Development



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There are times when our lives don't feel right, we may have lost our sense of direction or purpose, and yet we don't feel as if we need therapeutic help. Through talking about what this sense is we may find that other ways of working might be more helpful. Personal development may include all sorts of things, and below I give examples of two ways that many people find extremely helpful

It's not to say that these ways may not help if you need counselling, they may well be very useful, but they can also be useful when you simply want to explore your own personal development

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The MBTI is a straightforward personality indicator which I can use as a way to help you understand yourself, your relationships, your career, emotional intelligence or the sense of being in the grip of things beyond your rational control. To use this requires a couple of sessions for us to work together to find your best possible fit on the sixteen types of the MBTI, and then to see how you would like to use it.

I'm also qualified to use the MBTI Step 2, which is a more in-depth way of applying the indicator.

MBTI introductory workshop

If you'd like to work in either of these ways, or using a combination of the skills I can bring in please let me know.


Away from therapy Focusing can be used to explore ourselves, to allow us to consider decisons, areas of our lives that are unsatisfying, or to learn how to use focusing to develop our lives in a forward direction.

This would require learning focusing in two or three sessions, and then practicing it with me working as a focusing companion for you.


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