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What is it?

What is counselling?

At many points in our lives we can find ourselves overwhelmed or distressed, by circumstances, relationships or events. We may find that we are anxious, depressed, stressed or struggling to cope with all that our life throws at us. Finding a supportive, non-judgemental, confidential relationship to share and explore our problems can be vital at that point.

Counselling can provide a suitably safe environment to discuss emotional, psychological or personal matters, and one where we can find a new way forward out of our problems. It can help you find and identify your own resources and strengths which may feel as if they are totally inadequate, but can develop in the right conditions, so that you can emerge a stronger more alive individual.

Counselling is not about offering advice, telling you what to do, or imposing opinions or thoughts on you. Instead it is about encouraging, supporting and empowering you to see what is going on in your life so that you can move forward and take whatever decisions you need to. Counselling-Room.jpg

Over the fifty minutes we will talk and I will listen to you, helping you to express whatever it is you need to, and we will work together to help you move forward in your life.

Counselling can help with many issues and problems, including relationships, bereavement, depression, anxiety, stress, self-image, gender, sexuality, feelings of loneliness, redundancy, ill health and other areas. There are often a range of things which seem to be making life seem hopeless or feeling that there’s no way forward.

It’s very important that you feel secure with a counsellor, and therefore it’s recommended that you contact a few to see who is best for you.

If you’d like to try an initial session with me please contact me.

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